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    Print looks like ramen noodles. (New to 3d printing).

    Hey all,I'm pretty new to 3D Printing. I have a 3D Flash Forge which I know isn't top tier, but I picked up for 1/4th the price so I figured why not? I've been able to print a couple small things several months ago. Recently I've been struggling trying to get a Dwalt battery holder done for a buddy and I'm not sure what to do.My first attempt the back was stringing? Not sure what the proper term is, but basically it looked like ramen noodles. I cleaned up the surface and gave it another shot, same results. I plugged the printer back into my laptop to try changing the print quality and found the printer and the program had updates. Now there is no longer a "Low, medium, high, hyper" quality setting, it's all a bunch of settings I know nothing about. Ran the print with the update and it printed much much better, but still a small amount of the infamous ramen look, and the groves the battery would slide into are warped (as seen in picture).Any tips and tricks you folks can recommend to get this printing smooth? PS: First picture should be from my first or second attempt. The better looking photos are from the 3rd attempt after the updates.

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    have you tried releveling the bed?

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    yep level the bed and put some pva on it :-)

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