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    Stringing Issues

    I have been printing some parts and have some cosmetic issues with the parts due to what I consider stringing. It is filament being deposited when moving from point a to point b when the printer should not be printing.I am using PLA and Cura software..2 mm layer height - same issue with .15 layer height.195 C print temp, 60 C build plate. 60mm print speed.I have enable retraction and also enabled retraction at layer change. 8mm retraction distance.You can see the lines throughout the part, not just on the top layer.I have tried 2 different brands of filament and a half dozen or so parts with the same results so I do not believe it is either of those.Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get rid of the lines? Picture attached.Thank you in advance.Dan
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    That is not stringing, the extruder is crossing areas that are already printed and leaving marks. This is a normal artifact of FFF fabrication. I would consider that a normal surface for a top layer. There are settings that can eliminate this but tend to cause other issues in other places.

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