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Thread: One tooth gear

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    One tooth gear

    I need this

    It is a one tooth gear

    It is a planetary

    With this on top

    Like this but attached

    With this arch in each tooth

    To make sure the motor gear always arches the right direction

    Please let me know what you think
    Or if you have a one tooth design

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    It would be easier to understand your objective if your drawings were closer to a standard engineering drawing. The animated one is sufficiently jerky as to make the movement impossible to understand. Have you seen similar gearing on the internet that you can paste here as a link? A search using The Google results in nothing resembling your sketches, but there is a video from the YouTube: that shows an approximation of a single tooth gear.

    The concept of gearing requires and implies more than one tooth to be considered an accurate description. Even an escapement has two teeth to function.

    More details or a better set of sketches would be helpful.

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    Thanksfor your reply
    It would work with two gears no question
    But like shown
    First theres the planetary gear at the bottom.
    Then the long poles to make the gear turn.
    Then the pole in the sun gear to complete the rotation
    If it was one gear when the one gear cleared the bottom gear it would get locked unless it fully cleared the bottom gear and to make a rotation after it fully cleared would take 270 degrees which is equal to two a full circle
    And a full circle is the same as two gears

    It there was a way ( which there isn't )
    To make it so a 180 degree turn in one tooth then it could a turn but it needs 90 degree to make a turn or it will.take two gears

    So in short it needs two gears

    And the YouTube is for a different application

    If you make a two gear system

    I am looking for a developer

    Thanks for your reply

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