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    Only one filament works

    I just recently got a prusa i3 mk3s and only one color and brand of filament sticks to the bed. I tried the prusament they include and it wont stick at all either. I've tried using glue, first layer leveling, putting paper under the nozzle when it auto levels the bed, cleaning the bed with alcohol pads, pretty much everything i could find on google and youtube. anyone know why it wont stick and a fix for it? i have tried adjusting the bed temp and nozzle temp but it makes 0 difference. I am also using hatchbox filament, the black filament is the only one that will work not the blue, red, white, green PETG or wood.sorry if this doesnt make sense i wanted to make sure I included everything I've tried.

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    Is it coming completely off or lifting at the corners? What is the nozzle-bed gap after leveling? Have you checked extrusion amount? Have you measured the bed temperature? Have you adjusted first layer parameters (temp, extrusion, speed)?

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    Welcome to 3D printing, there are may things that need to correct for any of it to work well. Unfortunately those are not always correct out of the box.
    From what I understand Prusa has very good customer service, have you contacted them or looked in their support forums? Google and YouTube would not be my first stop for support on a new piece of equipment.

    Things to check, Z starting offset, extrusion multiplier, first layer speed, nozzle temp, actual filament diameter, bed level the list goes on

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    I have tried prusament and this:

    I had no problems with adhesion. Maybe your nozzle is too close to bed? Are you using the coated or the smooth sheet? Use smooth for PLA for better adhesion. Use coated for PETG to get the model off the bed.

    Fillamentum also works well:

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