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    slicer questions

    hello all, im running into rendering limitations on my 2010 mac mini and am looking into buying a new computer. my question is, is there a slicer that natively uses the GPU to render gcode? im looking at a computer with an intel i7(9th gen. 3.6g 6 core) and i know that will be good for programs such as cura but i dont know if getting a nice gpu would be wasted. i am new to 3d printing and have only been doing it about one year, and want to get a computer that will last the next 6+ years of 3d modeling and printing. below is a link to what i am thinking of purchasing. thanks for the advice in advanceFrank

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    you don't need anything special to slice.. buy the biggest badest pc you can afford so it will still function as the OS becomes a bigger badder resource hog.. longevity has nothing to do with slicing..

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