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    heated bed issue

    Hello everyone and my first post.
    My Creality CR10s prints perfect with PLA and a cold bed.
    Trying to print ABS with a heated bed gave me problems and by chance I found the reason.
    I level the bed and set the nozzle/bed distance to 0.1mm. As soon as the bed is hot this distance increases to 0.3mm.
    That means in order to get a good print I have to set the distance with the bed hot. The problem with that besides burning youself
    is when the print is done and I set the nozzle to the home position, the nozzle will dig into the glass once the bed is cold again.
    I changed the initial layer height but it turned out not affecting the initial z-position.
    What is expanding and how can I fix this?

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    Most slicers have a Z offset where you can alter the starting Z point within the software so you set it to .1 and then do a -.2 in the slicer to offset the distance for the change when hot.

    Hope that helps!
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    My Cura 4.3 did not have this option but I found a download to add it.
    I will check it tomorrow. It should work as long as the z-adjustment is only in effect while printing and does not stay when the nozzle goes into the home position with the bed cooling down.

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    Hard to believe. I installed a 3mm borosilicate glass from a different company and not only is it flat but the
    nozzle-bed distance is not changing when the bed is heated.
    No response from Creality. I guess they know what they are selling and are tired of dealing with complaints.

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    The plate on my Makergear move about .05mm at 110C vs 70 for PLA I always print calibrations squares and adjust the z offset for different bed temperatures. The change takes about a hour with the heated enclosure at 50C and bed at 110C. When using abs it is best to print a skirt that is 5 or 6 outlines and .02mm from part. This is enough to help hold the part to the plate and reduce warping but will come off fairly easily if you extrusion Multiplier is set correctly and your printer is accurate enough to maintain that distance. Glad the replacement plate fixed your issue.

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