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    Your Favorite 3D Printer Makers?

    I would say that as of today, my favorites are Afinia, and Cubify (3d Systems). Afinia make a great FDM printer that looks almost like SLA when finished. Cubify just seems like a well made machine to me.

    What do you guys think? What are your favorite?

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    FormLabs makes a heck of a printer, but I'm beginning to think they need to drop their prices. I agree with you that Afinia's are awesome for FDM. However they need to create a printer with a larger build size. Cubify, in my opinion is pretty bad. I'm seriously thinking about getting myself one of the cheaper SLA printers on the market like the Kudo Titan 1. From what I have seen they can print just as well as the Form 1+ but at a fraction of the cost.

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    You say you'll get the Titan 1 like it's already on the market... It's still a few months away from shipping, and even then it takes a while after the first shipment for a product to really 'hit the market'.

    If you look at the printers that are actually out on the market in full production numbers, there is very little selection compared to the amount that is a few months away from the first shipment. I have high hopes for the Titan 1 and a select few others, but I suspect even with those, in a few months the picture will largely be the same. A very, very few products that have gotten to store shelves (even virtual ones) dwarfed by a massive cloud of products that are 'just so close to shipping, honestly guys, please just hang in there'.

    Thing is, the product to come will always be better, cheaper and more polished than the product on the shelf. It all boils down to patience, budget and tolerance. (Either tolerance for imperfect product on the market, or for risk on the crowdfunding campaigns)

    That said, I'm backing kind of a lot of 3D printer crowdfunding campaigns right now, so I seem to enjoy living dangerously.

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