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    bed dropping

    I bought my first 3d printer like 3 days ago so I am very new to this but now I need help. I downloaded a few files for my self and sliced them in Cura 4.4 and they printed fine. Now my wife wants me to make her something, so she downloaded a file. I sliced it in Cura but now when I try to print her file it prints the first test line on the side of the bed fine and it prints the circle around the part fine but when it goes to print the actual part the bed drops like 1/16 of an inch I can see a huge gap between the nozzle and the bed and of course the print fails. Any ideas? Im using an ender 5 with PLA . Thanks

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    That you were able to print files successfully and one file downloaded did not is an indication that the last file may have flaws. It's not unusual to download a model that is a failed design. Consider to add a link to the download or to add the STL file to your post so it can be assessed.

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    After about 6 hours of struggling last night, I finally learned that when you put a file into Cura it doesn't automatically set it down in the best way for printing and you have to rotate it your self. Now my question is . is there a button somewhere to get it automatically sit correctly?

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    Unless 4.4 has removed a feature available in 4.3, you can use "lay flat on bed" which is explained here:

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