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    Exclamation STOPS printing in the middle of a print / cold nuzzle stuck in the unfinished print


    I'm using de Da Vinci Mini W+ 3D printer from XYZPrinting,
    and my printer stopped printing in the middle of a print (I still had enough filament on the roll and on the chip, and already printed long/big stuff).

    I've got an error 0007_1 code saying "Cartridge 1 error. Please remove cartridge and install again".
    So I took off the chip understanding it was the cartridge and nothing has changed.

    Now I'm still here with the nuzzle stuck in the unfinished print cause, of course, it cooled down in the print since the print froze while I wasn't there if that makes any sense.

    I'm also afraid to remove the filament or touch anything because of that nuzzle stuck in the print.

    I also want to know what caused this to avoid happening again (it happened once before be I was beside the 3D printer so I was able to remove the print while the nuzzle was still warm).

    Thank you for your help well appreciated!

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    heat your nozzle up via the printers control panel and just move it up and out of the print.
    Wipe the excess plastic off the nozzle with a scraper or some kitchen paper. I use my fingers - but you probably don't have unburnable blocks of ice for hands like I do :-)

    As far as the rest - check youtube. Don't know anything about the davici mini w+.

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    Is the board not overheating?
    Is there even a fan in there or does everything get hot in a closed casing?

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