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    What XL middle range printer would you recommend (not CreatBot please)?

    Dear community,

    I'm new here and happy to discove the forum!

    I have a Prusa Mk2 amateur printer with quite good results, but I'd need a bigger print volume to develop some design projects.

    I tried to get a sample of a big item (58x15x15) by Creatbot 60x60x60 and the result was really disapppointing in terms of quality. Very poor finishing and layering, scaring somehow as the test was done by their specialists, so some brand I can immediately forget. For a 6000$+ machine I had worse quality than in my Prusa Mk2 (600$) printer. Not talking about the very bad customer care service. For sure I will never buy a product there.

    I then discovered the new CraftBot Flow series with this amazing size print volume:
    42,5 x 25 x 50 cm

    Does anybody have information about those printers? A friend of mine was surprised the components of those printers are somehow cheap and not innovative and was warning me about paying so much for not too innovative or expensive parts in the machines. On the other hand I see that osme useful functions are in the FLow series, as remote control, future enclosure, etc.

    I also think Prusa will launch a 40x40x40 which could be interesting...

    Or the existing Creality Ender 5 Plus?

    It would be amazing to find a reliable machine that can print flexible, reinforced filaments, soluble, and also that could get an enclosure to filter toxic vapors, and why not a silent one

    Thank you for any piece of advise

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    so what's your actual budget ?

    My current favourite large format machines are the formbot t-rex series.
    Not least because they come with IDEX extruders, hi-temp extruders and generally excellent components.

    As far as enclosures go - you'd need to build your own. The basic size is 400x400x500mm
    uses 40x40 aluminium extrusion - most still use 20x40.

    Personally I wouldn't bother with the laser module - but then I've got a fully modded k40 anyway.

    Oh the t-rex 3 is out !
    400x400x700 !
    And a bunch of new electronics.
    Nice !

    There is a fully enclosed 400x400x500 - but it's a bog standard dual extruder NOT idex.
    For me the IDEX is the real selling point. That and the fact that all the mods you'd do on a normal large format i3 have already been done.
    Linear rails, ball screws etc:
    • 400x400x700mm Build Size
    • Independent Dual Extruder(IDEX)
    • Filament Run Out Sensor
    • Compatible with Flexible Filament
    • High-temp. PTFE Tube
    • High Quality PEI Sheet
    • KEENOVO AC Heater Pad with SSR
    • UBL Auto Bed Leveling
    • Extruder Wiping System
    • TMC2208 Stepper Drivers
    • Industrial Linear Guide Rails
    • TBI Ball Screw
    • Genuine Meanwell Power Supply
    • 4040# Aluminum Extrusion
    • LED Lighting System
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    Dear Curious
    thank you very much, both seem incredible machines, I'll check all infos about them but a great THANK YOU for the url refernces, very useful!

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    basically, for the money, I don't think you can do bigger, better :-)

    I have no affiliation with formbot/vivedino - I wish they'd send me one - but alas, they haven't.
    For the record - I am easily bribeable :-)
    Give me a free printer and I will push it.
    (worth a try lol)

    The idex system is how dual extrudibng should be done. :-)

    The silent stepper drivers always puzzles me.
    I love that my printers sound like R2D2 :-)

    Compared to my laser, the printers make almost no noise anyway :-)
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