Hello Engineers?
I am Will from Levetop semiconductor.
Our main product is LCD/TFT graphic controller.

Support 8/16-bits MCU parallel interfaces, and SPI, I2C serial interfaces

Built-in Ggeometric Drawing Engine:

provide Point Drawing, Line Drawing, Curve Drawing, Ellipse, Triangle, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle Drawing

Built-in 2D Graphics Processing Unit

provide Magic Rotation, Reflect, PIP (Picture in Picture), Hybrid Graphics and Transparent Display

Built-in 128Mbit Display Memory

Support 16/18bits RGB type TFT Panel from 320*240 QVGA to 1280*1024 SXGA

Built-in programmable PLL

Working Voltage: 3.0V~3.6V

Package: 128pin LQFP

We have STM32/ST51C demo code open for developers, function libarary and Arduino Library available, too.

Our product P/N as follow:
LT7681 640*480 8/16bits/SPI/I2C

LT7683 800*600 8/16bits/SPI/I2C

LT7686 1280*1024 8/16bits/SPI/I2C

LT7680A 640*480 SPI/I2C

LT7680B 800*600 SPI/I2C

LT7680+ 1280*1024 SPI/I2C

any questions, feel free to contact us