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    Recommended temps for printing with Polypropylene filament?

    Hello to all:

    I am consulting for a small company that wants to print small parts with Polypropylene filament. His machine (Stacker S2) works great with PLA filament, so I know the mechanical distances are all calibrated correctly. However, my first attempts with PP have been a disaster. My first try was with extruder at 200C, which resulted in just a small blob of filament created at the nozzle, so OK, I upped the temp to 230C. Finally got a small cylinder to start printing, but after only a few layers (which were kinda sloppy-looking), the print started drastically lifting off the build surface. I don't remember what bed temps I used. Can someone chime in with recommended extruder and bed temps for PP? Thanks in advance!

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    The filament maker provides the extruder temp range as well as bed temp for just about any quality filament on the market. Many time it is right on a sticker attached to the spool. If not just google the filament type and manufacture and add the word "Specs" to the end of the search string.

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