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    Please help, is this an Ender 3 Pro I just bought??

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the 3d printing scene and I just bought a printer off eBay that was advertised as an Ender 3 Pro on Black Friday. Well I received it today and it has CTC A13 on the box, in the instructions, etc. I contacted the seller today and got no response yet so this is where I need some help.
    I can attach any pictures you guys need as well as screenshots of the eBay ad. Please tell me if I got scammed. I opened the box and only looked at a few parts but I quickly closed it after I saw the instruction manual with A13 on it.

    Please don't tell me how stupid I am for not knowing or researching this stuff first. I did my best as I am new to this. So any help will be greatly appreciated. Should I keep it or send it back? Thanks for the help. Sorry about the links I'm trying to figure out how to post images. I'm using my cell phone.
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