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    Wrinkled first layers

    Has anyone every seen this before and know what causes it?

    Printer: Lulzbot Taz 6
    Material: NGEN
    Printing temp: 225
    Bed Temp: 70

    Background: Recently upgraded the table to the modular unit with the metal heating unit. Found out the efficiency was off the charts and had to decrease the temperature of the bed by 15 degrees to adjust. Bed leveled really well and the first several prints were gorgeous. However, now this is happening.
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    Have see this when printing abs with an improper starting height.. Nozzle too close the t bed..

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    That is interesting. I could try to raise it a couple tenths. The skirts look fine and so do the other portions of the print's first layer which made me think it wasn't a height issue. I have also checked the flatness of the table so I know it isn't warped. This print is a rather large one so I wont be able to test it for a couple days. I will come back with my findings.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Looks like an extrusion issue... probably caused by the nozzle being too close to the bed.

    The bed may be blocking the nozzle, causing pressure to build up and then overextruding once the the pressure is released.

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    OK, after adjusting the height it certainly improved the left side of the print, but now the right is starting to lift due to lack of adhesion. I think I have a leveling issue somewhere. I already checked the bed and know that is good. Time to check the axes.

    Thanks for your input guys!

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