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    I made a ring hook strong enough to hang from

    I couldn't find a ring hook that was reliable enough to mount my pull-up exercise balls on Thingiverse, so I redesigned one from scratch.
    This ring is detachable and it has a safety lock (the top cover) which also provides extra strenght by keeping the two halves of the base together.
    I can hang my full body weight from these. I have a box full of failed designs before I figured out how to make them strong enough though. I think it's cool that it's possible to print a functional part that works for a purpose that would normally use steel
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    Isn't that what 3d printing is for! Bobbles and Vases are kind or useless.. bracket, hooks and clips etc is where the fun is. I just made a jig to cut 4mm filament pins used to assemble a 3d chess set. Adding the solenoid and foot pedal was not really needed but fun and satisfying!

    Just printing things other people make can be a big help, but modeling and fabricating things you need to your specs is the best!

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