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    3D Scanning the World, One Landmark At a Time

    A London based company, MyMiniFactory aims to create an extensive library of famous landmarks and statues around the world. In doing so they are asking the public to provide images of such landmarks, so that they can then stitch the images together to make a 3D printable model. Those who help out will receive a free 3D print of the statue or landmark they contribute pictures of. More details on this extremely ambitious project can be found here:

    There are already over a dozen models online which can be downloaded free of charge. Let us know if you take part in this project. Below is a sample of some of the models already available in the MyMiniFactory library.

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    In 2014 My Mini Factory offered a competition with Scan the World, in which participants were encouraged to enter scans of a local landmark in hopes of being chosen to travel to anywhere in the world for free. The contest was part of My Mini Factory's initiative to digitally archive as much of the world's art and landmarks as possible. This year, they are offering the contest for a second time. Read more, and find out how to enter, at

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