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    Need a good recommendation on a 3d scanner for 3d printing!

    So I’ve been asked more by my clients to make replicas of parts they have or broken ones, even some that only have pictures. So I’m looking for a good 3d scanner for making CAD files for 3d printing of these items. My question is what have you guys used that’s good and of a reasonable cost. Just starting out doing this and don’t know how many more I will be doing but I do want something good in case it’s something I do more often. Help!?!?

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    best 'budget' option is the scan-in-a-box.
    next one down is the einscan:

    You can buy far more expensive ones, but nothing cheaper is really going to do the job.
    It's one area where the industry has pretty much ground to a halt on the budget side of things.

    I find that it's a lot quicker and you get more precise parts, by just reverse engineering with digital calipers and openscad.

    No scanner will help you replicate a part from a single 2d photo.

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