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    help: how to make vector 2d shape into a round 3d shape

    Hi i have this 2d shape of what is supposed to be a rocket.
    I am kind of new, and have only used thinkerCad so far.
    Is there an easy way to make the fuselage (not legs) rotated into a round rocket shape for printing?
    I can not find any tools in thinkercad for that.


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    I used Inkscape (free) and OpenSCAD (free) to accomplish your objective. You've noted that it's a vector image, which should import with Inkscape. I had to capture your image, trace it to convert it to a vector, but that's a minor detail.

    Once in vector format, I removed the fins and was left with the flattened egg shape. Adding a center line, I cut away one half (left half) of the shape.


    Note also, for the purposes of this discussion that the center line and lower left corner should be on the origin in Inkscape, or you'll get a hole in the center of your rocket shape in the following steps.

    Once created, save the file as an SVG.

    Open 2019.05 OpenSCAD (which supports importing of SVG files)

    $fn = 90;
    import ("rocketshape.svg");

    Note that you can get interesting shapes by changing the $fn value.

    This image is of the 90 value:


    And this is set to 8!


    Having completed this short exercise, I felt it might be useful to provide you with the STL file (attached).

    I suspect you are using Tinkercad rather than Thinkercad, although the name is entertaining.

    If you are going to be doing 3D modeling, Inkscape and OpenSCAD can be useful and valuable tools.
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    That was exactly what i was looking for! Thanks for the help and guide, i have to try it out now!
    yeah your are right, i ment Tinkercad. Works great thought for most stuff.

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    or you could simply have used openscad.
    create a sphere, resize it and slice the bottom off.

    saves all the mucking about with inkscape.

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    Personally not a fan of openscad. Here's my take using Onshape:

    Let me know if you're interested in having me go over what I did to make this model in more detail.

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