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    Yeah. Sofar mine have only endured about 20h printtime (but aehrm, then it's only 4 days old since assembly.

    I'm in EU and got mine from local german wh,
    ~320usd with the new autolevel probe. it worked like a charm from the start.
    Now only minor tweaks as i print along. Got base speed set to 70mm/s on 0.2 layers.

    I stepped down the skirt/brim to 25mm/s as i cant figure out how to make the printer do a curved purgeline on the edge of the bed.
    Just add another ring of skirt.

    So far i'm happy with it. As for my next project down the line, i'm looking to build something to make larger signs with, perhaps a corexy or a box-frame with regular x/y leadscrews.
    Maybe get a cheap printer for all the components and mount in a v-slot chassi.

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    i rarely print slower than 100mm/s
    0.3mm standard height. 150 and 0.4 if I'm in a hurry :-)

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    On my Nereus, i usually go around 60-70ish .28 for prototyping and around 50-60 on .28 or .2 depending if i need finer details or just a functional print.

    Right not i'm still dialing in my qq-s, but it handles 70 without breaking a sweat. I have set acc and jerk way down tho. Helped alot with ringing. Got a slight 1 tone ghost in certain directionchanges now.
    Benchy, printed in 70mm/s .2mm

    Next up is dialing in the circular prints. I have a slight oval atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleo View Post
    I hope to plan stuff like this:

    Hey Curious aardvark, were you happy with the quality of your monoprice?
    I know it's well out of your budget ($1800) but for that sort of print I'd recommend one of the new large-format resin lcd printers like the Phrozen Transform.

    Printing large high-res models with FDM is extremely slow and requires a ton of finishing work to make presentable. SLA printing is actually faster as model sizes go up, because print times are only affected by one axis (height), depth and width doesn't matter.

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    yeah but costs are significantly higher and resin has a lot of associated problems as well.

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