Hi all.
How can i change the waiting temperature of the Nozzle?

Whenever i want to print something with this printer which uses both extruders in the same model it takes more than an h longer. When one nozzle is finished printing within the layer it goes to the resting position an resets the temperature to 200°C but i want to print with 235°C (or any different temperature) so each time it needs to reheat the nozzle which takes forever in this printer. It isnt a slicer (cura) thing i changed all temperatures to my desired value but it still goes to 200 sometimes even 190°C its making me crazy.

I think i need to change the firmware - Id like to change some settings there anyway (like the preheat temperatures and if its easy enough the layout of the menu)

What can i do?
How is it possible that it just holds the temp on the extruders?
How can i change the firmware?

Thank you very much