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    What areas of business management would you like to learn more about?

    Hello! We’re MakerOS and we’re sponsoring this folder. Our mission here is to create a forum for current and aspiring 3D printing business owners to communicate with each other and help each other grow. We'll share our insights, stories, guides, and tips on how to effectively run a successful business.

    A little bit about us: our software makes it easy for you to collaborate with clients online. We combine quoting, billing, file sharing, and project updates into a centralized online dashboard that's shared between your client and your team. Everything is white-labeled, which means that you take our software and make it look exactly how you want it to on your website.

    We believe that anyone with an interest in 3D printing can run a successful 3D printing service and that it shouldn’t be hard to do so. We’ve been around since 2015, we were founded by 3D printing entrepreneurs who have seen it all, and we’ve got big plans for the future.

    What areas of 3D printing business management would you like to learn more about?
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    to be fair, the biggest issue I've found in trying to use 3d printing as part of a business, is educating people on what it can do for them. Most businesses and indiviiduals have no idea.

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    Client education is definitely a barrier that I have personally experienced many times. One thing you do not want to automatically assume when providing 3D printing services is that your clients understand the proper machine process or material for their intended application. One of the most important questions to ask your client at the beginning of a project is: what is the intended application for the parts you want to produce? Once you and the client understand that, it will become easier to educate the client on which options will net the best results.

    Another important factor is that almost every client I have ever dealt with does not care that their parts are 3D printed. They want quality parts, at a price they can afford, quick delivery, and responsive customer service. Of course depending on the application, 3D printing can more often than not meet those client expectations but it is ultimately up to you to make it easy and worthwhile for clients to work with your business. It seems pretty basic but I see too many services advertising the technicals instead of the value that they offer beyond machine specs.

    We'll certainly cover more on client education and will dive deeper into the value 3D printing can add to service and non service based businesses in another thread.

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    3D printing area is the best for the business..

    Thank you!!!!

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    Thanks! very important information.

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    Hi, thanks a lot for sharing this with me. I have started a new business and was searching online for some business plans when I landed on website. I really liked the business plans here and would like to use their services to make me a good business plan.

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