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    How good is PLA for a mask?

    [COLOR=#878A8C][FONT=IBMPlexSans][COLOR=#1A1A1B][FONT=&quot]I've been working on a costume for the upcoming convention coming to town this month, and was looking into having the mask 3D Printed. The company I am using, Voodoo Manufacturing, is saying the mask can only be made out of PLA plastic, I am guessing due to size and usage of resources. I know it comes out a bit low on the smoothness and I would need to sand it down, but I was wondering how well PLA is. Some sources say it will break down in months, or up to 2 years. Any help is appreciated.
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    it will ONLY break down in a HOT compost heap.
    Other than that it'll last indefinitely :-)

    I've had bird feeders and poo bag holders outside in the english weather for over 5 years, with no obvious signs of degradation.

    It'll be fine for a mask.

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    Most masks you see on youtube and the like are made from PLA.

    Any FDM print will require finishing to be smooth, and likely a filler of some sort (autobody filler, gap filling primer and/or epoxy). PLA prints as smoothly as any other, although it's not as easy to sand as some.

    As long as your mask is painted it wont' break down due to anything other than heat.

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