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    M3D Quad Crane Using the SD Card on the back of the LCD screen

    Hello, does anybody know how to use the sd card slot on the back of the Lcd panel of the M3D Quad Crane using a Duet 2 Maestro Board. I dont want to unplug the microsd card all the time and save the gcode in the special gcode folder. I put some gcodes on a normal sd card and plugged it into the back but i couldn’t access it over the menu. Does somebody know how to do that. Thanks

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    usually if there's an sd card slot on the screen, then there's a seperate cable for the card reader that goes to the motherboard.
    The board will automatically default to it's own card reader - I presume there is an option in the firmware setup to choose the screen reader.

    Contact duet - not only are they a very helpful company - they'll know exactly how to change the default card reader.

    Fascinating looking machine, new one on me - how easy is it to mess with the colours ?

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