I apologise if this is not correct subforum for this, but i scanned the various places and couldnt find a better one to post it.

With the Black Friday discounts coming soon, i wanted to do some research so as to treat myself to a 3d printer. I've had a chance to play a little with my friend's Ender 3 Pro, but i want to buy one for myself. I wanted to ask people's advice on which model(s) i should be looking out for during Black Friday.

The following are things im looking for, in terms of importance:

1. Ease of use/maintenance. I am new at this, so for my first printer im definetely looking for something that's easy to setup and handle. So easy to level bed, easy to set up settings, quick and easy to start printing properly etc.
2. In terms of physical size, i would prefer it to be similar to Ender 3 Pro's size. This is because i want to make sure it fits in my available space
3. Assuming above criteria are met, i would prefer some nice detail to be available. My "Main printed" things will be Wargaming terrain (buildings, bunkers, scifi stuff, etc), various character figures (think funkopops size), geeky stuff etc. If you are familiar with Warhammer, then basically i will mostly be printing stuff of roughly Dreadnaught scale, not spacemarine scale.
4. My budget is under £1000. Oh and im based in UK, so it needs to be available in UK.

Using the above, can you please recommend me any models to look out for? As you can see, im rather new to this, so i would want to start with something that's simple to use. My friend says his Ender 3 Pro requires constant maintenance and breaks often, so id rather get something a bit more stable (if not as powerful) at first.

Thank you!