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    Choc Creator V2 - Chocolate 3D Printer Unveiled

    A company called Choc Edge has just unveiled a new Chocolate 3D printer - the Choc Creator V2. It is their second version, of what was the world's first commercially available chocolate 3D printer. It can print chocolate objects in both 2D and 3D, in a varying amount of sizes. The latest version improves upon many of the features included in the first version. It is priced at over $6,000. Read more about this at:

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    I wonder if they have any R&D positions open at the company? I wonder if they are working on a version with multiple extruders so they can have Dark, Semi-Sweet and White Chocolate all going at once! For sure the fringe benefits of working there would be great!

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    Does anybody dimensions?
    Probably similar to the previous version I guess.

    Feels quite pricey. Thinking about having to be food safe and it is chilled and heated at the same time. Just feels... steep.

    Guess you're paying for a pretty case?!

    Multiple extruder's would be a big leap. I would like to see that.

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure the dimensions are similar to the first verson. At least that what it appears from their website.

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    It is a steep price but that is what they can ask in the premium food business.
    For home enthusiasts, consider a Velleman K8200 / 3DRAG printer with paste extruder kit. It will cost you less than a tenth of the price of the Choc edge and I have seen decent results in chocolate.

    I am looking for the ChocPrint slicer to create some models for printing in chocolate. If you have it or know where to download it, let me know. Thanks!

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