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    Filament Tolerance

    I just recently got back into 3d printing, and I used to purchase hatchbox, but after seeing numerous reviews talking about the decrease in quality I decided to shop around and try a different brand. I purchased some Sunlu filament, and it's been printing fine, but some minor under extrusion led me to measure the filament, and I'm reading 1.45 mm almost everywhere on the roll. That is insanely undersized especially compared to the reported 0.02mm tolerance. I almost have trouble believing this measurement wouldn't result in some much more serious under extrusion. After some initial searching I assumed it was some issue with ovality, but nope, it's consistently low all around the circumference. I'm wondering if I'm measuring the filament wrong in some way. I just tested my calipers on a one two three block, and they're fine. Worst comes to worst it is consistently undersized so I guess I could change my filament size to 1.45 mm. Any insight at all could really be helpful, thank you.
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    eSun is sometimes under around 1.72 and I have some Nylon that is 1.68 but never as think as what you have. Yes you should always set the filament size to the average, I leave mine set to 1.73 with Esun . The Maker Gear ABS I buy is dead on 1.75 but that stuff is made in OH by Americans, so you pay more but it is worth it for the higher degree of accuracy.

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    Maker Gear might be my next purchase. Much cheaper than MatterHackers pro line, and if their filament is consistently as good as what you got it's going to be just about as good.

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    I do not like the PLA the black sucks the white is ok.. the ABS is my favorite, especially the natural.. I tired another supplier near them since there stuff is rebranded.. but have not had a chance to use it. Same price so not really a reason other than to try it.. the company was Village Plastics.. I use very little PLA, not much point when ABS is far stronger and prints nicer .. but I mainly make mechanical things that need to be strong and the correct size.

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