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    Lightbulb Support Material For Concrete 3d Printing

    Hello guys,
    I will be working on my thesis this year. I am willing to create an extruder for 3d printing concrete. I want to use a secondary material as a support that will print with concrete at the same time. Once the concrete is cured I will remove this support material. I was thinking to use clay or wax as secondary material. I want to ask if there is any other material that I can focus on during my research which should be easy to remove once the process is complete. I can be water-soluble, melt with heat (Like Wax)...etc.
    Let me know if you guys can think of any other material. I don't have a lot of money or infrastructure to work with advanced materials such as metal, polymers...etc. So the materials should be easy to find and work with.

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    never seen support material on concrete printers. The trick seems to be getting the consistency and recipe of the cement stiff enough to hold it's own shape.

    Depends on how large an item you intend to print. You could go with recycled plastic that would melt out fairly easily.

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    hi! I recently did a similar thing, I don't know if it'll help you, but maybe you'll ger some new ideas. I wanted to make dining table for my parents from recycled wood, and I decided to cover it with concrete. I used products that can be applied to virtually any surface, even to furniture. Concrete look furniture is beautiful to combine with natural materials such as wood or stone, this gives a warm and rural atmosphere.I did everything very quickly and the result is amazing! And don't forger that before giving furniture a concrete look, the object must be made free of grease and, if necessary, sanded.
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