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    Replacement drive gear

    Hello all

    My lovely Flashforge Creator has started to be a problem child....

    Right hand heater element, or thermistor is playing up. Can't find a single heater block + Thermistor anywhere in the UK, except for:

    But, that is the whole assembly which I don't need. Not trusting any more dodgy stuff off Ebay, so open to any direction...

    My main issue however is my toothed feeder gears are stripped (or at least badly worn). I think lots of PETG has taken its toll.
    But I cannot find that style of toothed feed gear anywhere.

    All the ones I have found have a concave toothed section, and the one on a Flashforge extruder is straight.
    Picture attached. Anyone know where to source these gears?

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    yeah, you'll struggle to find one of anything.

    Haven't got any thermistors, but have got 3 spare heatlblocks - what size is the one you want ?

    Had similiar issue with my delta at the weekend.
    Ended up buying 4 heatblocks and throats, was cheapest option for A single heatblock (I snapped a nozzle inside my original one)
    mind you compared to buying 0.5mm nozzles that was almost sensible.
    individual nozzles on ebay around £2.50.
    pack of 20 nozzles - assorted sizes, including 2x0.5mm - £4 from amazon prime.

    It's a weird market alright. The technology outlet guys are good folks. drop them an email, they might do you a deal on just the bits you want.

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    I have to be honest, this damn machine is starting to get on my nerves!
    It has started 'clicking' and after investigation, the left hand feed roller was worn.
    So I swapped it with the right hand roller so I could finish my series of prints. But... 10 minutes in and that is clicking too.
    It is under-extruding. I have printed 300 hours at these settings, so what has changed? Maddening.
    The first layer is not complete (under-extruding), and the clicking has returned. Nothing has been changed, so clearly something is under-performing.
    Tried new roll of filament - same outcome.
    Flashforge have been totally useless in directing me to any spares.


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    I have an old wooden flashforge creator. It's currently on a shelf awaiting either tearing down for bits or fixing.
    Same problem as yours, I 'think' it's the stepper motor drivers.
    It's unlikely to be athe actual motors themselves, so the obvious culprit are the drivers, but as i needed the deskspace for a new printer I've never bothered to fix it.

    But exactly the same issue. Stepper drivers is my snap diagnosis. :-)

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    Found spares

    After a *#*$ load of searching...

    I have sourced the correct drive gear for the stock extruder (Pic attached). Fits the stock extruder drive perfectly.

    But, also sourced the entire plastic extruder mechanism that fits exactly. And this one doesn't have the custom 'Hard to find' toothed gear in it (It is a fully toothed brass gear).

    BUT.. Even better than that, I found a very nice all aluminium extruder mechanism that is a straight swap.

    It's actually cheaper to buy the whole assembly, than it is to buy the custom toothed gear.
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    you said that changing over the extruder gear made no difference. So why should the new one be any different ?
    Or is there stuff you didn't tell us :-)

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    It was a combination. The roller wheel is worn (has a groove around it). But also the actu
    al extruder mechanism was not keeping up the pressure between the wheel and the geared cog - so it was still slipping.

    Replacing the whole unit fixed that, but it is handy having spare geared wheels now.

    The aluminium mechanism is a much nicer piece of kit, and I will stick with those.

    Has however, taken a annoying amount of time to get these issues sorted out + waiting time for delivery of the parts from China. But, hey ho.

    Think I just found the heater unit, so I might try one of those.

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