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    Flashforge Adventurer 3 crack printed same height every time


    I seem to have problems with my Flashforge Adventurer.

    I have a model, small 5 cm human figure, and it always prints a crack at the neck.
    The model is without errors.

    The same happens with a robot torso, just one crack on one side each print.

    It looks like there's something wrong with the export or the reading of the file from USB.

    I tried slicing the model multiple times, different hotness nozzle, 200 micron, 100 micron etc. etc. all the same result.

    Can anyone help?

    I tried contacting Flashforge, all done already.

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    is the crack (pictures would help) alway at the same height ?
    also (the usual).
    what filament, what temp, speed etc

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    ABS filamen, 230 degrees (should be good)
    Speed on slow, 100 micron.

    Happens on same height, here are some pictures:

    IMG_20190915_220420 (1).jpg
    IMG_20190915_220422 (1).jpg
    unnamed (3).jpg
    The settings are 100 micron now with slower printing speed.

    However I don't want to lower the printing speed even more, a small model already takes about 4 hours to print.
    That should not be the problem.

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    you're actually printing quite fast for abs, and fairly cool as well.
    And the reason it takes so long is because you are using very thin layers.
    3d printing is NOT fast :-)
    Patience is your best friend - also so is PLA.

    It could simply be that at that height the abs has cooled suffciently to shrink.

    Have you tried omething simple like a simple column ? and see if that does the same thing at the same height.

    Given how the rest of the model looks - it doesn't look like abs shrinkage. And it's unlikely to be an issue with the printer.

    resize the attached cube to be as tall as the model and, maybe 15mm square. and see what happens. You can resize it with flashprint.
    Also get some pla and try that.
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    Dear Aardvark,

    Thanks for the big reply:

    I think I'm spoiled with the undefeatable Tiertime Up Plus and Up Mini 3d printers.
    The Up Mini prints 200 micron, super fast ABS and never ever had any problem at all with cracking, not sticking to platform (perforated board = the best way) and the Up Plus prints 150 micron and also superfast, fill density at minimum, solid as a rock. Flashforge simply doesn't do that.

    I only want ABS for the option of acetone smoothing and PLA support structure is terrible to take off.
    + PLA had the same result at the same height with the crack.

    Indeed it doesn't look like shrinkage or cooling down since it's only cracked at a certain height and everything else looks good.

    I will add the cube and match the height and print that, thanks!
    I do have PLA.

    Do you have any suggestions for the speeds I'm using? What numbers should I use for 100 micron on ABS?

    Flashforge has a max temp of 240, which is very low and I looked over it when researching a new 3D printer, Up Plus has 270, Wanhao Duplicator 300 degrees. So I'm very limited in ABS filament choices. Is there a way to up the temperature to 250-270? I cannot do it in the Flash slicer software.

    Thanks in advance for the answers!

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    Here is what I've done with your cube, it's higher than the Prime torso.
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    Just printed with the cube, cube has multiple cracks and a big one at the same height as the torso has.Also printed the torso 120%, and the crack just moves up in scale, it's not a fixed height.Any ideas???See pictures:It looks like the printer "thinks" it needs to print cracks according to the model.It's a clean, small stl file, sliced in the flashforge software.
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    Guys I need your help.It appears that Flashforge slices my models wrongly (there's also a defective nozzle which doesn't heat enough)But this model, which is without errors in the 3d modeling program 3dsmax, is wrongly sliced in the Flashforge software.Try it yourself, model attached.1. Is there a different slicing program that makes gx code?2. If someone suggests an stl repair service first, please give me the name of a good online stl repair software for free (I can only find payed stuff)Thank you,
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