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    Horn speaker help

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make a horn speaker form me? I have a rendering of the sizes needed. I had someone else try and make it but it didn't tun out very good so I'm not going to use it. Any help is appreciated

    There is a horn on thingiverse called Gramazon the horn part would work stretched out to 10 inches
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    it'd be a tricky print. Any orientation you print it, it you'll need supports inside the tube at some point. So a dual nozzle setup with soluble support is going to be your best option for fdm.
    Unfortunately none of my machines are big enough to make it as one piece.

    (looks at thingiverse) okay it's in bits, that makes it a lot easier.
    I still can't do 10 inches though :-( (as the bishop said to the actress)

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    It doesn't have to be exactly 10 inches but trying to get close. I was going to print it in pieces so i wouldn't need supports except for the horn. i will print it face down.

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