Long time no post!I found my antique Makerbot Replicator (dual head) at a junk shop in 2017, though it might have been 2016. At that time the firmware was already too old for updaters to update, so I've been using a really old version of Makerware for the slicer because it can make the cryptic .s3g files the printer uses. I've used it LOTS.Well, now I find myself with yet another PC wondering where to find this out-of-date unsupported slicer, and thinking of putting Marlin on the printer instead.I'm in software. I know what .cpp and .h files are and how to load software via the "ISP" connector. I've found the board's ISP connector.Any suggestions where I can look for tips or advice on configuring Marlin's .h files for my ancient, though mostly functional, replicator?Makerbot.jpgMBBoard01.jpgMBBoard02.jpgPerhaps, since I have something I did not have then, a job, I should just watch Angus on YouTube and see what printers he likes and get one of those.