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    Question Ender 3 X Axis Bar Flawed or User Error?

    Long story short I just bought the Ender 3 as a spare printer to prototype on, printers were ok but I hated how soft the bed springs were so I upgraded to stiffer ones (to hopefully not have to level so often). Well tightening them all the way down to get ready for leveling I noticed (becuz my right side the nozzle hits the bed) the X axis bar has droop slop on the right side (non motor side). I tried adjusting the centric nuts and everything to get it to level out with no luck. Is this a just "it is what is is" situation and I should either shorten the new springs or swap back to the original ones to level to the bed the the flaw in the X or is something wrong? All my screws are tight.

    Any ideas welcome. I'm lost on how to solve is and just assumed maybe people just deal with leveling the bed to the angle?

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    yep - ender 3 is the cheapest nastiest most overrated printer on the planet.

    It takes all the good points of the i3 design and throw them all away.

    Rather than change the springs it makes more snese to change the nuts for nylon locking nuts. Locking nuts make sure a levelled bed, pretty much stays levelled.

    There are undoubtably mods you can print to fix the crap bits on the ender 3.
    That's probably your best bet - well apart from ditching the machine entirely and buying something that might work :-)

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    So I figure out it was the X axis bar when assembled stright was actually curving down a few mm (where I was getting the nozzle being closer on one side than the other even when all 4 corners where tightened down all the way). So I loosened the 2 screws that bolt the bar to the axis trigger piece that slides down the z axis frame and pushed it up as far as it would let me before re-tightening the bolts which only put it about a half mm off, but I can fix with bed level adjustment. I do like the stiffer springs though, takes more effort to adjust the level and feels like it wont unadjust itself as easily as the original springs. I plan to get a Prusa eventually, but I wanted something to prototype with while my main printer was doing the quality prints

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