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Thread: PLA and heat

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    PLA and heat

    I was thinking of making 3d printed candle holders with PLA, but I'm not entirely sure how safe it'd be. Obviously I couldn't place the candle directly into any printed part, but if it where inside a glass candle holder, then place the glass holder into the printed part, would it be safe? If not, is there any other filament that might work better?

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    Well, if the candle go down to the bottom of the glass and got hotter than 100F the pla could sag and the candle could slide off and burn down the house.
    Take a look at what is sold, you won't find many plastic candle holders.. I did have so tee lites that were in plastic of some kind .. PETG or ABS would be better but they all burn and melt.. Sort of like using wood .. you wouldn't do that ..

    PLA can be thermoformed in hot water, goggle the term.. place pla in boiling water it becomes like limp pasta till it cools again

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    I print a lot of stuff for outdoors here in GA. I have found that PLA just melts and droops int eh GA sun.

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    you basically need a completely non-flammable filament - and I don't know of any.

    What you can do - which I think you said.
    Is to use glass candle holder that is tha same height as the pla outer.
    I presume you want to print a thin sleeve that lets through light in coloured patterns ?
    As long as the plka is NOT taller than the glass - that should not be a problem.

    Absolutely NO plastic lids !

    Burn a test candle or two and check out hot the glass gets first though.

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