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    What filament brand is good?

    Dear Experts!

    Is there a filament brand that is good?
    Or maybe brands that I should avoid?

    I've just ordered my Qidi X-pro, and realized that I need to have filament as well .
    Being a noob I have no idea how to pick one...

    I am planning to start with PLA printing, as learning curve...

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    I have not had any "bad" experiences with Esun, they are one of the largest manufactures in china. The product is readily available (amazon) and fairly consistent purchase to purchase. Price is also good. There may be better options depending on where you live in the world.

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    Excellent thread..!!

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    Esun is pretty good, used it and loved it. I think its all preference..hope you figured it out!

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    I am using Polaroid brand filament I bought from joanns. Only local store that sells 1k filament rolls. I like this brand because for me is good. I'm a little nervous from buying filament from ebay Has anybody bought from ebay?

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    I use Esun and I haven't had any problems with it

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    Creality white and Hatchbox have been good for me, going to be trying esun this week

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    ESUN brand where?

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    amazon or where every you like.. esun is made in china

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    I have had good luck with Overture from amazon. Got my first roll as amazon basics PETG and was surprised how well it worked. I have bought several rolls and different colours and am happy with it.
    I also like hatchbox ABS quite a lot for certain things.

    I personally think it has a lot to do with what printer you have and settings. I really haven’t had too many filaments that I can’t get to print nice with some tinkering, especially PLA and PETG. Some are less finicky than others though I guess.
    ABS is more hit and miss, hatchbox seems pretty reliable though so far. It seems to have a lower printing temp than other ABS so maybe that’s why. Different mix of plastics or more plasticizers or something maybe?

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