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    My first 3D printer

    Hi everyone! I am looking to buy my first 3D printer. To start with I'm looking to pick it up as a hobby and see what I can do with it which makes it a bit difficult to choose what to buy. Below are the options that I am considering atm, would love some feedback and any new suggestions! Price does matter since it will be my first printer but if it is worth it to spend the extra money I am willing to consider.

    -Monoprice Voxel ($627)
    -Qidi Tech X-Smart ($599)
    -Flashforge Advanture 3 ($525)
    -FLSUN QQ-S 90% Pre-assembled Delta ($399)
    -Qidi Tech New Model: X-one2 ($399)

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    If it is for a hobby and you want to learn to work with the machine then you would do better to start with a cheap low end printer. Up front you will get the experience of assembly and becomming familiar with all the parts that make up your new robot. And then as you identify quality issues and chase down and apply upgrades you will gain an intimate knowledge of your machine. Likewise if you spend a higher dollar amount on a printer that needs no upgrade or is not going to take upgrades then upon any problems you will find your way here or somewhere for help because you dont understand past the robot isnt doing what it is supposed to. Wierd how we all use our money to escape experience and buy our way out of learning, isn't it? From where i stand the open source product that is completely unassembled should be the more expensive product. Because it trains you on the basics before you start using the machine. Such a brilliant design. Fact is if you dont have the patience to assemble a machine you likely will not have the patience for 3d printing.

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    out of those 4, for a beginner - I'd probably go for the voxel or the qidi xsmart - almost identical machines.
    qidi have better support.

    The best machine on there for printing is probably the flsun delta - but delta's can be tricky buggers to calibrate.
    It does claim one click autolevelling - so that should remove the main issue.
    I love deltas.

    For the price the flsun does look like a very decent machine and we don't get many people on here complaining about flsun machines.
    Honestly, I can't recall anyone.

    So a toss up between the voxel/xsmart and the flsun.

    The vozel has smaller print volume, but a direct drive extruder - so better for flexible filaments.
    That said I have no problems printing flexibles on my delta. Admittedly my rep pro clone does a much much better job, but the delta will print the stiffer flexibles if you print slow enough.

    Given the price difference, on balance I'd probably go for the flsun

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