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    Ender 3 printing issues

    Hello everyone,

    I'm struggling trying to print correct pieces with my ender 3, as you can see the quality is quite bad and I don't know what may cause this ... I'd like some advices on how to improve the final quality.

    I think about a level/adhesion problem but tbh I the level seems ok and I use adhesive spray ...

    Btw, I'm slicing with Simplify3d and I think the PLA is a Sunlu. Bed temp 63, nozzle temp 200.

    Thanks in advance for your help !
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    for an ender 3 - that's pretty good.
    basically ender 3 are junk.

    Anyway, we'll skip the lecture :-) , what speed and layer height are you printing at ?
    You've definitely got the basics right, the part looks functional.

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    Thanks for your attention and sorry for the late response, I couldn't access to my computer for a week. I know ender 3 is a cheap printer but I printed some nice parts at the beginning, very clean so I know it can do it.

    For the settings, layer height is on 0.2mm and speed at 60 mm/s

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    I don't think calling Ender 3 "junk" is very helpful, and it can certainly produce better results than the images shown.

    My first thought is that it looks like some of the layers are misaligned, as if perhaps the x and y belts have skipped. Can you try adjusting the tension? I had a similar issue with the belts loosening after the first few prints.

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    Slow down the speed, 30mms for something small.

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