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    Bob's been busy again :-(

    Bob-the-bloody-pia-web-builder has obviously got bored again.
    Search has vanished.

    I did find a sub-microscopic word just above the thread list - but all that does is search (badly) - NOT 3d

    We can take it as read that I screamed and have banged my head on a wall :-)

    Oh and there's a sort of stylised magnifying glass that does absolutely nothing when clicked. I mean it doesn#t say it's a search button - that would be too obvious.
    Given that average 3dprintboard user almost always mistakes the clearly labelled CHAT window as a search box - subtle won't cut it - particularly if it doesn't work anyway.

    Can't you give this person a lollipop and send them to play on the swings or something ?

    If by some bizarre quirk they're uk based, I'll happily pop round and explain the facts of life to them :-)
    I promise to leave the big axe at home ;-) But I have always wanted an excuse to get a portable emp device.....
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