I currently have a hictop prusa i3 clone and I am considering making my own larger printer with a steel frame with fully supported linear rails, nema 24 stepper motors and drivers from a left over project.

I have a mig and tig welder, a Bridgeport milling machine and a CNC milling machine that I made from scratch so fabrication isn't a problem.

So basically what i am asking is of anyone has done similar and some pros and cons of my ideas

I was thinking of making something similar to a ender 5 box frame but with welded steel and powder coated so it would be as solid and heavy as ever needed.

I would try and make the moving carriage part at the top with the hot end etc as light as possible (possibly machined aluminium parts) to help acceleration and deceleration as much as possible with the same dual belts to move the y axis.

Would nema 24 be to large? Will the motor inertia be a problem?

By increasing ridigity would it increase printing speeds or does it not work that way?