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    Printing With TPU

    I’ve tried printing with TPU using 225 degree nozzle and 60 degree bed. I’ve tried slowing it down to 15mm per second but i’m getting a very spotty result.

    Any suggestions?
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    Gravity feed spool holder with roller bearing so filament move with virtual no force required. If you extruder drive is not just spring loaded, adjust the tension with a test print running. Loosen it, and then very slowly tighten it until the filament starts moving.. then a air more. Thats it..
    No retraction
    The above is for Ninjaflex, Cheetah is much stiffer and not as much a problem.
    Good luck it takes a lot of fiddling but can be done.

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    225 is nowhere near hot enough for most tpu, and 15mms - depending on what kind of estruder you have - is pretty fast.
    For filaflex I think I ended up printing at 250c and 20mms on my i3 - and that's a direct drive !

    Also, having your printer upside down, probably isn't helping ;-)

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