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    Best filament for my project?

    I'm about to start on my first ambitious (well, ambitious for me) project, but I have no idea what filament would be best for it as I've only ever worked in PLA up til this point.
    I'm going to be creating a Halloween decoration that will be placed outside for about a month, so I need a filament that wont degrade outdoors. It'll be printed across several large (About 9x9inch for the largest peices) parts and glued together.
    There will be several moving joints, and I'll need to paint it. I'm going to seal it in XTC, if that makes any difference. I'd like to be able to use it for multiple years, storing it inside, so something durable would be preferred. Also a very small part of it will be covered in water. What would be the best material to make something like that out of? I've been looking into PETG, and it seems promising, but I figured a second opinion couldn't hurt.

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    pla is fine.
    I've had birdfeeders and dog crap bag dispensers outside in the english weather for 5 years.
    After a couple og years the colour fades, but the plastic is as good as ever.

    What people tend to do is misinterpret the term: 'biodegradable'.
    Yes pla will biodegrade - BUT only in a hot compost heap, under very specific and extreme conditions. Like deep in a landfill site.
    For outdoor applications, it's actually a lot more durable and long lasting than abs.

    Just paint it - can't see any real point in the xtc.

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    pla works perfectly in my opinion

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