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    benchy not sticking

    So I did my first ever attempt att printing a benchy on my cr-10 mini

    First attempt came off after first layer, printed straight on glass bed

    Second attempt I increased temperature for first layer from 200c to 210c, increasted bed temperature from 50c to 60c, releveled the bed and added a layer of hair spray.

    It seemed to work well, but 95% into the print it popped off again.

    3rd attempt I tried releveling again and once again it popped off after the first layer.

    Any ideas?


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    Made it work. increased temp to 210, 215 for first layer. decreased speed from 60 to 50, included a raft and use tape on the glass bed.

    Now printing a flexi rex with the same settings but no raft and instead 200% line width for the first layer and it seems to prunt fine

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    I don't think you should need a raft to make Benchy.
    What could be happening is that in many slicers, the bed temp will decrease after the first few layers, check to see if this is happening.
    It could also be caused by the extruder being too low, or close to the bed, causing it to hit the piece and knock it off, maybe experiment increasing the z offset a bit.

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