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    How to print multiple objects, one after the other

    Hello,I attached a jpeg of what I am trying to print. How do I tell makerbot to print the objects one after the other? That is, I want to tell makerbot, "print one object completely first, and when you are done with that object completely, only then do you start to print the next object." Previously, when I tried to print what you see in the jpeg is that makerbot made a base for all four objects, and treated the four objects as one object. As makerbot went from object one to object two, then object two to object three, etc---by the time makerbot returned to object one, the filament had already dried on the first object and the extruder clogged. How can I accomplish my goal?
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    Your extruder shouldn't be clogging like that, you may want to cold pull a few times or try and clear the nozzel.

    That software cannot do what you are asking of it. The only way to get your printer to do each object "one at a time" is to only put one in the slicer, and print that file 4 separate times.

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    it's called 'sequential' printing.

    I would say that those items are probably not suited for for it in your printer.

    Bear in mind the height of the finished item, when the printer finished one, it must reset the printbed for the next.
    The height of the first model will either prevent this, or the model will get caught by the printhead.

    Haven't used the latest makerbot software, but due to the design on the machine - it's not well suited to sequential printing, so it's quite possible they haven't bothered implementing it.

    But as has been said - your extruder should not clog. Printing 4 things at once should not be an issue, as long as your temps and extraction settings are good - should do that without any real issue.

    I've done 26 items at the same time on my dirt cheap i3. And often do multiple items simultaneously on my replicator clones.
    The only machine I've ever done sequential printing on is my delta, which can easily avoid the print nhead hiiting previous prints. But even there I'll usually do simultaneous prints - just easier.
    And you actually WANT each layer to 'dry' (actually cool) before the next is laid down. Gives cleaner smoother prints. It's the reason for the print area cooling ducts.

    So don't think that's your problem.

    Can you give more details of exactly what's happening ?

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