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    Would 3D printing be a viable option for printing a model of the CMB?

    Dear all,

    I just graduated from a master in physics, and I would like to offer as a present to my partner throughout the studies a 3D model of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), i.e. how the Universe looked (temperature-wise) when it was around 300000 years old. This would consist on having a sphere with an image mapped onto it, as well as a simple stand to put it on any office table (the sphere should have a size so that one can grab it with the hand).

    Below is an image I have modeled using Blender of how it would look like. I do not wish any relief on the surface of the sphere, really a just smooth ball.

    I have no experience of 3D printing so far, so I wanted to ask if that would be the way to go with this project. The main questions I have would be:

    - is this project feasible? Can a smooth sphere be printed, and colored by mapping an image onto it? Would the mapping be seamless?
    - is the cost of such a project reasonable?

    Thanks in advance for your input!



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    the answer is yes.

    A full colour printer could do this very easily.
    if you look around you should be able to find a print bureau with full colour capability.

    That won't be cheap - but the cheapest you can setup a full colour system yourself is going to be around $1000-1200

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