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    CURA adds 0.04mm layer height to Gcode ??!

    Hi i just got an ender 3 and start printing but i couldn't help but notice the CURA ALWAYS adds 0.04mm height on Gcode.
    For example if i set the "Layer Height" to 0.1mm CURA will increase the Z steps by 0.14mm on Gcode. If i set it to 0.15mm CURA will increase them by 0.19mm (Disabling the "Z hop when retracted" will make it easier to see)
    Does anyone knows why and how can i fix that ? (Other than set the Layer Height -0.04mm of what i want to print)
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    Well first this thread should been in 3D Printing Slicer Discussion

    And second i was wrong it only adds 0.04mm when "dynamic quality" profile is selected.
    Probably that depends on the 3d model that it prints.

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    so don't choose dynamic quality :-)

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