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    Question Buying my new 3D Printer

    I want to buy my first 3D Printer and learn on how to print 3D Projects and etcwould you guys recommend for me to get the "Creality3D CR - 10 Accurate Large Size Desktop DIY 3D Printer " ? my budget is 200-400 usd atm
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    I am new to 3D printing, and bought a Ender 5. It seemed like the best deal for the $$$. I think it was $320 shipped. I added upgrades worth about another $100 which included an all-metal extruder, Capricorn bowden tube, SKR 1.3 controller with silent TMC2208 drivers.
    If I add the direct filament mod, and a bed proximity sensor, it will be close to the $750 Prusa machine (in performance) for another 50 bucks.

    It prints very well now, much better than I thought it would at that price.
    Make sure you calibrate all your steppers to obtaining accurate prints using the calibration cubes, etc, right away, regardless what kind of printer you buy...

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    calibratng steppers - got 5 printers, only ever needed to do that on one - the cheapest printer on the market.
    So, not generally an issue.

    I don't generally recommend any creality printers. we just get an awful lot of people with issues with them.

    there are a number of MUCH better machines around.

    this looks pretty reasonable:

    what you're looking for in an i3 are three main points:
    1) direct drive extruder
    2) dual side bed support rails
    3) dual z motors

    The ender 3 has none and most creality machines lack either 1 or all three.

    The sovol is worth a look - doesn't have the side support rails, but does use a 40x20 extrusion for bed support, which seems to do the job:

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    Common question: what are you planning on printing?

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    Re: Buying my new 3D Printer

    Hi! I recommend to read that helpful article. Good luck with your choice!
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    Well... As a newcomer in the world of 3D Printing. I will really recommend you to go for Creality 3D Printers which are easy are coming with easy to learn technology.CR 10s Pro or Ender 3 are a few popular examples among the beginners to start with 3D Printing. With ti,e then you can upgrade your 3D Printer and come to a purchase a new one. You can easily get Creality 3D Printers from online stores at a very reasonable price.

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