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    Creality cr-10 Max vs Formbot Raptor 2

    Brand new to 3d printing and my job will buy me either a Formbot Raptor 2 or a Creality Cr-10 Max. I will use it for lots of different things, but am most interested in cosplay like full storm trooper armor, wearable helmets, etc. Also will do smaller things as well.

    What printer is better? Which would you pick? A different one? I can spend up to $1000.

    The allure of the bigger printer is not having to worry about seams....

    Thanks in advance.

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    Better made, better design, better components, better company.

    Plus the raptor has a direct drive extruder - the creality still has a bowden tube. And with the printer that large it's not a short tube either.
    Directdrive will print faster, makes for better retractions and cleaner prints and just makes sense on an i3 design (as josef prusa originally designed it).

    Given the size of things you'll be making - I'd also suggest using a 0.5 or 0.6mm nozzle. I run a 0.5 on my he3d k200 delta and can print 0.4mm layers at 150mm/s .
    With a 0.6mm nozzle you could probably get away with 0.5mm layer height - as long as you had sufficient cooling on the print area.

    But for me it's a total no brainer: formbot raptor every time.
    Shame you can't spring for a t-rex - the idex printheads would be extremely useful as you'll be printing with a lot of supports nuch of the time. A second extruder using soluble filament would make post processing significantly faster.
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