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    US Navy to Purchase Metal 3D Printer

    The US Navy has issued a public request to get quotes and information regarding the procurement of a metal 3D printer. The exact uses of the printer have not been revealed, however it will be used within the U.S. Navy Air Warfare Center in Lakehurst. New Jersey. More details can be found on this story here:

    Any thoughts as to what jobs this printer will be tasked with? This is not the first 3D printer used by the Navy. In fact they recently put a plastic printer on board the USS Essex earlier this year.

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    3D printers are most practical in remote locations where spare parts are needed. Putting one on a naval ship on long deployments just makes sense.

    I imagine the next story to look for is a 3D printer in arctic/antarctic research posts by logical progression (if there isn't already one in those places).

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    Looks like the US Navy is looking for another 3D Printer. This time a Stratasys Fortus 250. More details at

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