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    Can a 3D plumbing part be designed and printed for a household waste line?

    Can a plumbing part be designed and created for a household waste line?

    Plumbing stores don't sell a "custom" part we need. We had plumbers check and one doesn't exist. They are recommending we rip out all the pipes and re-install for an astronomically high price. We think that's a bad idea.

    I am thinking we can print one if the plastic exists? Has this been tried before?


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    yep no problem.
    you can simply send the design/cadfile/stl to a print bureau and get it made.
    Your best bet is probably get it made is Nylon on an sls machine.
    Thatw ay it'll be water tight and corrosion resistant as well as long lasting.

    Not sure there's anyone offering polyurethane service.
    Ah - but you could use ninjatek's armadillo - that's a rigid polyurethane filament.
    I;d probably use something like a stiffer flexible pu though. thhat way its got some flex built in.

    So, yeah - doable and definitely cheaper than ripping the house to bits.

    If you need help designing the part - let me know, part of what i do for a living.

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    Yes, I'll send you a private message.

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