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    Suddenly prints come out terrible

    I have had the QIDI XPRO for about 6 months with no problems and now all of a sudden I can't get any prints to finish. They all fail at some point into a big mess. I can't figure out what went wrong? I'm printing like I always have and haven't changed anything about the printer, bed, etc.

    I have attached a photo and the original file. I have tried printing this 3 times and always get the same mess of a result. I tried the exact same file on a Creality CR-10 mini and it printed fine.

    Anyone have any ideas what's wrong?


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    Is the print coming loose from the print bed? Try cleaning the print bed with alcohol. When the print surface gets dirty the adhearsion will be reduced.

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    I had problem a few months ago. A friend of mine suggested to clean to the print bed and it worked.

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    You may have a slight blockage in the extruder.
    Can happen with some filaments
    Easiest way is to just change the extruder if you have one spare.

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