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    Microcenter (Inland) Petg

    I really wanna be able to print in Petg. At first it seemed like this filament from Inland might work. It was just really prone to getting everywhere. Now after a couple days it wont even stick to the bed at all. Ive tried various settings for temp and layer height. Fan speed for initial lay to 0 and speeds on initial layer down to 15mm/s. Im really really hoping this filament is just bad and Petg is really a great filament. Any ideas?

    windows 10
    Cura latest
    Ender 3 printer
    marlin latest with Mesh_bed_leveling enabled

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    I figured it out. I had the nozzle set incorrectly in cura. Fixed that and im back to printing normally.

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    would guess it is a printer problem. PETG likes the initial starting height just right so it is not over crushed or too high with a bed temp of 70C. .02mm too high and you have adhesion issues. PETG will stick like epoxy on clean glass, I have actually pulled a chunk off my plate removing a print. Inland is most likely Esun re boxed just like their PLA+ so I would guess the filament is ok. I use eSun all the time without issue. What are you printing? Is the model flat on the build plate or is it up in the air? Lots of models off the internet do not print properly, try positioning it in the slicer so it is a mm below the plate and see if that helps.

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    Ive been reading about esun petg configuration. They want you to do a z offset calibration. Currently I dont see that option in Cura anywhere. But I have been setting the Bed Z in the octoprint terminal which I think gives me the same thing. I can print now with the nozzle setting correct atleast.

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